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Climatic Data OnLine (CDO)
Surface Data, (version 2.0)

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NOTE: Marine Data Access
This application is designed to return data for specific times and locations for a given ship/ships. For large data orders: ICOADS FTP or VOSCLIM FTP
Current system limitations allow for a maximum of 25,000 rows of output data to be provided. In areas with large volumes of marine data (eg, major shipping lanes), you should select/request no more than 1 month of data for 1 area of interest (10-degree square), in a single order/process. Future capabilities will greatly increase the volumes of data you can request in one process.
* Date Range
The Date Range option starts and ends on 0 hour UTC.
* Selected Dates
Uses all combinations of selected year(s), month(s) and day(s). For example, selecting years of (1993, 1995), months of (03,04), days of (01, 15) will result in Year/Month/Day date selections of (1993/03/01, 1993/03/15, 1993/04/01, 1993/04/15, 1995/03/01, 1995/03/15, 1995/04/01, 1995/04/15).