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Register and Develop Your Own Client Applications to access NCDC Products

NCDC has developed REST or Representational State Transfer web services for customers to use. Customers can directly access NCDC climate data from their own computer using simple URL based calls using any browser or other programs like wget or curl. Scripts written in Perl or Python can also be used to invoke multi-threaded access. NCDC requests that users apply for a license key which can be used to verify and control requests.

To start using NCDC Web Services:

1 Create an Account
To access the NCDC Web Services, you must register by submitting your email address.

E-mail Address

A license key will be generated for you on the following page. If you are a subscriber to any NCDC products, your subscription id will be your license key. Your NCDC Web Services Account will entitle you to 60 automated queries per hour.
2 Use your browser or a custom script.
Use any browser or write a simple script with wget or curl which requests data from the web service using your unique license key. Your program must include your license key with each query you submit to the NCDC Web Services.
3 Available NCDC Web Services

CDOServices provides access to Climate Data Online Datasets. Clients can access data by referencing a station or a group of stations within a country, state, county, climate division or watershed. Common names or FIPS identifiers can be used. Specific information is provided for data values, variable listing, detailed variable information, station listings, and station information.
Service Examples